Beginning Biblical Hebrew I

Beg BH I

Beginning Biblical Hebrew I is the first of a four-term study of Biblical Hebrew. BH I briefly introduces students to the Hebrew writing system and quickly moves to basic grammatical features of Biblical Hebrew. The verbal system will be introduced in later courses.
Beginning Biblical I Hebrew students are encouraged to develop strong listening comprehension skills and reading fluency by way of the biblical story of Joseph as found in Genesis 37 - 39.

Prerequisites: Good basic Hebrew reading skills. Students are strongly advised to have completed Intro to Biblical Hebrew I & II.
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Beginning Biblical Hebrew I will be offered again in the fall of 2024.

Cost for the class: $60

Send or bring your fee to:
Words of Honey
c/o Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue
529B Jefferson St. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

Course Schedule:

Dates: To be determined
In-person meeting times: To be determined
Location: Adat Yeshua Pavilion > Biblical Hebrew classroom

Course Materials

These materials will last a student throughout Beginning I & II and Intermediate I & II Hebrew classes:
Learning Biblical Hebrew; Reading for Comprehension – An Introductory Grammar by Karl V. Kutz and Rebekah L. Josberger. Bellingham, WA; Lexham 2019
Learning Biblical Hebrew Workbook: A Graded Reader with Exercises
by Karl. V. Kutz and Rebekah L. Josberger. Bellingham, WA; Lexham 2019

Highly Recommended
Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards: Second Edition
By Gary Practico & Miles Van Pelt, Zondervan Academic, 2019 (ISBN: 9780310534181)
A Reader’s Hebrew Bible, edited by Philip Brown and Bryan W. Smith (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008)