Beginning Biblical Hebrew II


Beginning Biblical Hebrew encourages students to continue developing strong listening comprehension skills and reading fluency by way of the conclusion of the biblical story of Joseph as found in Genesis 40- 50.

The Beg BH II grammar introduces students to the Hebrew verbal system.

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Beg BH I
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Course Materials
These are the same materials from Beginning I. They will continue to be used through Intermediate I & II.
Learning Biblical Hebrew; Reading for Comprehension – An Introductory Grammar by Karl V. Kutz and Rebekah L. Josberger. Bellingham, WA; Lexham 2019
Learning Biblical Hebrew Workbook: A Graded Reader with Exercises
by Karl. V. Kutz and Rebekah L. Josberger. Lexham Bellingham, WA; Lexham 2019

Highly Recommended
Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards: Second Edition
by Gary Practico & Miles Van Pelt, Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic, 2019
A Reader’s Hebrew Bible, edited by Philip Brown and Bryan W. Smith, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008