The Person of Christ (the Messiah)

Who is Jesus (Yeshua)?

Knowing  Jesus (Yeshua) is the great joy and purpose of every Believer. In this course, we will set out to know Yeshua together by exploring what the Bible says about who Yeshua is.
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"Who is Yeshua?" is the most significant and pressing question known to this world. Our answer to this question reveals him to us. Over five lessons, we will explore who Yeshua reveals himself to be through the Bible, and respond in worship.

Who should take this course?

This course is for any believer or seeker who wants to know Yeshua better.
How do we know God? How do we walk in wisdom? How do we endure to the end?
By knowing Yeshua.
As we know Yeshua more through the Bible, God will strengthen our hearts to desire him more. That is the great aim of this course: To know Yeshua more and so to desire him more. Do you want that? Then, this course is for you.

What to expect?

Five lessons unpack our answer to the question, “Who is Yeshua ?” Namely, Yeshua is our Lord and Messiah, God the Son Incarnate.
In these lessons, you can expect us to study the Bible, worship Yeshua in prayer and song, hear the wisdom of saints who have gone before us, and listen to each other. The first lesson introduces the course. The second and third lessons consider how the Bible testifies to Yeshua . The fourth and fifth lessons synthesize what the Bible says about Yeshua . By the end of the course, you can expect to confidently write your own, biblically faithful answer to the question: "Who is Yeshua ?"

A Note on the Course:

The ideas and insights found in this course are largely not original to us. They come from the three works listed below, especially the first book which provided the core structure and content of the course.

God the Son Incarnate: The Doctrine of Christ by Stephen J. Wellum
The content and structure of this course depend heavily on this book. Even where the course does not cite this work directly, its influence is significant.

Christ Alone: The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior by Stephen J. Wellum
This second work by Stephen J. Wellum also influenced the content and structure of the course.

Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves
This work contributed much to this course as well, especially the overall tone and purpose of the course.


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